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Laser cutter template

People and processes that make my work possible.

Pip Chodorov leads me to a film looper at L'Abominable.

Direct Laser Animation for 16mm Film with Roger Beebe.

Ann Filmer's theater gives me a frame I can solve some problems in.

What went into the 38 videos in Tony Fitzpatrick's "This Train" and how they fit together.

Look at examples of my artwork.

About Melting 16mm Film with Lasers

Developed by Roger Beebe and Kristin Reeves, Spring 2010 - present

Examples of films performed, screened, and installed that use direct laser animation:

De Rerum Natura (Beebe)

Last Light of a Dying Star (Beebe)

Mechanoreceptors 1-3 (Reeves)

The Congress of Beauty (Beebe in collaboration with the band Holopaw)

Threadbare (Reeves)

Technical Guidelines

Template Grid: For the frame height use 7.52mm or 7.62mm depending on the age of the film

Type: 2pt size, +15 kerning, bold

Preferences: 100% speed for all cuts, 20% power for text, 50% power for other shapes, 50%PPI for more line movement 100%PPI for less; prefer cutting on emulsion surface which needs less power and creates more of an organic look

How a laser cutter became our animator.

Roger Beebe

Roger Beebe "Last Light of a Dying Star" (left) Kristin Reeves "D.I.D" film still (right)

Spring 2010: I was using a flatbed laser cutter to produce simple paper animations as a part of my video production process. Roger Beebe was familiar with this work and asked if I could help him apply the process to his 16mm film "De Rerum Natura." Together we made a film carrier, formatted a digital animation template, and created steps to cut out (or melt out) text, shapes, and wipes.

Kristin Reeves

Kristin Reeves "Mechanoreceptors 1-3"

Spring 2011: For my 3-projector film installation "Mechanoreceptors 1-3," I cut shapes out of 16mm film frames that were large enough to hold their form so peices of each of the 3 films could be transplanted into one another.

Roger Beebe

Roger Beebe "The Congress of Beauty" in collaboration with the band Holopaw

Roger Beebe

Roger Beebe "Last Light of a Dying Star"

Here are some more examples from my piece "Mechanoreceptors 1-3."