The White Coat Phenomenon

Finding sex in an unexpected location requires some examination.

Screening History:

2017      Solo program, invited, Ear & Eye Clinic, The School of the Art Institute, Chicago, IL

2016      Her Battleground, UNEXPOSED Microcinema, Raleigh, NC (curator Brendan & Jeremy Smyth)

2015      No LA, invited, Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, CA (curator Roger Beebe)

2015      No New York, invited, Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (curator Roger Beebe)

2015      Solo program, internationally adjudicated, Antimatter Media Art Festival, Deluge Contemporary Art, Victoria, BC, Canada

2014      Extended Program of the 5th Cairo Video Festival, internationally adjudicated, Medrar for              Contemporary Art, Cairo, Egypt

2014      Insta Media Festival, nationally adjudicated, University of Tennessee Knoxville, TN

2014      VCU film festival, nationally adjudicated, Richmond, VA

2014      Moving Image Reel #1, ACRE Lab, Mana Contemporary Art Center, Chicago, IL

2013      26th European Media Arts Festival, internationally adjudicated, Osnabruck, Germany (Best of the Festival program) (catalog)

2013      Panorama, Impakt Festival, internationally adjudicated, Utrecht, Netherlands

2013     Florida Experimental Film/Video Festival, internationally adjudicated, Gainesville, FL (2nd Place Short Video)

2013      Now What #2, internationally adjudicated, Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2013      Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image, internationally adjudicated, Johnson City, NY

2013      Dallas VideoFest, internationally adjudicated, Dallas, TX

2013      London Analogue Festival, internationally adjudicated, London, United Kingdom

2013      Revelation Perth, internationally adjudicated, Perth, Australia

2013     Jurors screening, invited, Haverhill Experimental Film/Video Festival, invited, Haverhill, MA

2013      Athens International Film Festival, internationally adjudicated, Athens, OH

2013      Indie Grits, regionally adjudicated, Columbia, SC

2013      Squeaky Wheel Peepshow 2013: Hot Mess, nationally adjudicated, Buffalo, NY

2013      Best of FLEX, invited, C. Emerson Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, FL

2013      Strange Beauty, internationally adjudicated, Durham, NC

2012      The Chicago Underground Film Festival, internationally adjudicated, Chicago, IL

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