Video Adaptation: Je Ne Sais Plus [What Is This Feeling]

2012-present, continuous loop, 9X16mm film optically printed to HD video, sound
A digital re-staging for gallery installation of expanded cinema “Je Ne Sais Plus [What Is This Feeling”. Built on 27, 10-second 16mm film loops constructed from optically printed found footage and direct laser-animation techniques.
An obstacle course between the heart and the doctor’s office leads to [DESTINY.] Kristin Reeves meditates on the materiality of the body and the struggle to achieve personal sovereignty within its bounds. “Je Ne Sais Plus” is Lesley Gore’s French version of “You Don’t Own Me.” The translation of je ne sais plus is I don’t know what I once knew, or I don’t know anymore. What is this feeling?

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©Kristin Reeves